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Company profile

Zhuhai race music odd Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Department of an attention accurate diagnosis of hospital products, specialized in biosensor gene chip industry research and related to the in vitro diagnosis gene chip and its supporting equipment, at the same time for both domestic and overseas market of bio pharmaceutical companies.

Company's existing registered capital of 3796.5482 million yuan, with including 11 three categories of in vitro diagnostic reagents, widely used in 4 products in the second category, two EU certified products, and another seven products has been to the State Bureau of submit application for registration of nucleic acid diagnostic reagents production enterprises. Products in the country's top hospitals, such as Beijing 301 Hospital, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Ruijin Hospital, Tongji Hospital, Zhongshan University First Affiliated, Third Hospital, Xijing Hospital of Fourth Military Medical University, Nanfang Hospital; the First Military Medical University, Southwest Hospital; the Third Military Medical University; Chongqing, Xinqiao Hospital, Daping Hospital.

Company has owned in line with three types of country in vitro diagnostic reagent production standard clean workshop and workshop, have 4 years a gene chip for production line, chip production capacity of one million, has become the domestic gene chip registered products most production capacity, actual product sales the gene chip specializing in the production of enterprises, products have been widely used in the main hospital brand, will soon become a leading Chinese gene chip technology of the national high and new technology enterprises.

Zhuhai Yue Qi biotechnology Limited by Share Ltd is a returned overseas students as the main body, by the study abroad to return to the establishment of a independent innovation oriented enterprises. The company has a staff of 4 students (3 doctors, 3 students returned to China), including master's and doctoral degree or above as the main body of scientific and technological personnel R & D and management team. Is the national Ministry of science and technology and a number of provincial science and technology innovation fund projects bear units.

The company has a number of technology platforms, biological sensor gene chips, fluorescent quantitative PCR technology platform, as well as high precision instrument research and development platform, including gene chips, is the company's main industrial platform. Company has formed five series, more than 10 kinds of gene chip products. Among them, apolipoprotein E gene points detection chip, hepatitis B resistance mutations were detected in mutant biosensor gene chip, papillary tumour virus (HPV) gene into type biosensor gene chip, hepatitis C individual chemical products IL28B gene polymorphism detecting chip, HBV gene therapy chip (8 genotypes) and a series of eugenic and superior nurture chip products are domestic or foreign first gene chip products. The existing nine kit products to obtain the approval of the State Food and Drug Administration registration; and another three individual diagnostic reagents and equipment products, has won the European IVDD product certification.

The company is also a gene chip and relevant technical platform research and development unit, has a number of patents and complete set research and development, production equipment, including but not limited to: functional biosensor gene chip substrate R & D and production technology, production with high-speed microarray spotting instrument, semi conductor refrigeration low-temperature high-sensitivity fluorescence camera, gene chip quantitative analyzer, in vitro diagnostic biosensor gene chip image analysis and reporting system.

Research and development of the company independent research and development of the full automatic gene chip detection system and product registration is completed, and put into the market, marking the gene chip detection technology in unmanned automation era. Also marks the odd game music products industry chain technology. And the gene chip technology and industrial and medical diagnosis technology development, provides the most powerful technology and product support.

Companies leading products with independent intellectual property rights of the biosensor gene chip technology and its series products, to the use of units less investment, high diagnostic accuracy, good specificity, easy to operate for the main features of the products. Bio sensor protein gene chip technology platform and products, both of which have their own proprietary technology to protect the country's proprietary intellectual property rights platform. In industrial production for the basic purpose of pressure injection technology of gene microarray spotting instrument based on have begun to bulk orders and production; and biosensor gene chip image analysis and reporting system, the original, another high-tech products.

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